Friday, July 16, 2010

Louth Domestic Gardening Services

Professional Gardening Services

offered by dedicated gardener.

Trusted, reliable, speedy & friendly service.

£10.00 per hour standard rate

£9.00 OAP'S

No job too small

One off jobs undertaken.

Will travel 10 miles from centre of louth Lincolnshire.

Spring/Winter Clear-up

Hedges & lawns cut & trimmed

Borders dug & planted - shrubs etc. pruned & shaped

Leaves cleared


Mob. Tel: 07940877686

Home Tel: 01507 602826

Monday, March 29, 2010

Who are the Utility Warehouse?

Who are the Utility Warehouse?

The Utility Warehouse is the trading name of Telecom plus PLC. We provide a range of essential everyday services to homes and businesses across the UK. Our aim is simple: to save our customers money and provide them with the best in customer service.

Since its beginning in 1996, Telecom plus has grown from just an idea into one of the largest and most successful companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. This phenomenal growth has been achieved by word of mouth referral marketing.

However, we believe that what we have achieved so far is just the beginning for the company.

The question is: would you like to share in our future success?

The management team is headed by Charles Wigoder (right), a successful and well respected entrepreneur. Before joining Telecom plus he founded Peoples Phone in 1988, building it into the UK's first virtual mobile network, with over 400,000 customers and 10% of the UK market.

Charles believes the Utility Warehouse is in the right place to experience substantial growth over the next few years. We have recently bought a new headquarters building to accommodate the increase in staff we will need to manage this growth. This demonstrates the confidence we have in the future of the business.

Our Services

The Utility Warehouse provides the following services:

Home Phone: line rental for only £9.90 a month and low call charges. Huge savings compared to BT's best prices.
Mobile: our pay monthly tariffs (ValueTalk and ValueCall) offer low line rental, competitive call charges and generous inclusive bundles.

Our Pay as you Go tariff (ValuePay) is up to 50% cheaper than the main four networks.

BroadCall: our award-winning package combining high-speed broadband and low-cost calls. Including Line rental and free connection - from only £19.99 a month.
Internet: high quality low-cost internet services to suit every household.
Energy: our unique "Triple Value" guarantee gives you peace of mind - our prices will always be competitive compared with the "Big 6" suppliers.

But don't just take our word for how good our services are, we have been awarded 'Best Buy' in Which? magazine, and have received recommendations in many leading consumer magazines and newspapers.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

CashBack card / Member Benefits

Being a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club is about saving money - every day.

Our list of CashBack card partners is growing. You can earn 5% CashBack on everything you spend at all of these leading retailers. Members are regularly saving 20 - 30% off their Utility Warehouse bill, every month, just by shopping!

Sound good? If you don't have a CashBack card yet, you're missing out. You can order one here.

Use the menu on the left to browse the great range of offers in our Discounts Directory. It's packed full of great gift ideas, and ways to save on everything from pet insurance, to a festive getaway!

And there's more! You can:

•take 20-30% off your monthly bill, every month, by shopping
•save 5% on your household shopping, and filling up the car
•make unlimited "Free Global Calls"
•earn a monthly discount off your bill, by referring a friend
•gain further benefits with our premium membership levels.
Want to save money every day? Join the Club!

Call Mark on 0800 298 4022

Visit -

Friday, January 29, 2010

Keep under the VAT threshold

Small British firms try to avoid VAT registration, and you can see why, says The Schmidt Report. If your customers are mainly members of the public, you become far more costly once your turnover exceeds £67,000, the point at which you have to register for VAT.

Adding 17.5% to your prices usually means either your customers go elsewhere, or you have to drop your prices. In practice, this means £1 in extra turnover can end up costing your bottom line up to about £10,000.

A loophole to avoid this is the technique of business splitting. Every person or company in business has its own VAT registration threshold. So if a husband and wife run a pub, the husband, typically, is VAT-registered for 'wet sales', while the wife runs the 'separate' business of doing the food.

You do need to split the businesses properly (eg, keep separate sets of accounts; have different premises, if possible; invoice for proportions of shared overheads, etc). But even if the VAT man knocks your scheme on its head, he can't act retrospectively, so you "are still likely to have got away with it for a period".

For more information contact Mark on 01507 602826 or e-mail

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flat rate scheme

This scheme is designed to reduce the cost of complying with VAT obligations by simplifying the way small businesses calculate their VAT. It is available to businesses who expect their VAT exclusive turnover in the next 12 months to be no more than £150,000 in taxable supplies.

Taxable supplies are calculated by looking at the total of supplies at the positive and zero rates, excluding VAT and the value of any capital assets expected to be sold. Total business income includes taxable supplies and the value of exempt and other non-taxable income.

A business must leave the scheme arises when turnover increases to £225,000

The flat rate scheme saves time by removing the need to calculate and record output tax and input tax in calculating the net VAT due to HM Revenue & Customs. The VAT in a period is calculated by applying the flat rate percentage to the tax inclusive turnover for the period. However, the flat rate rate scheme can cost extra VAT if you make supplies which are exempt from VAT as flat rate VAT will be payable on the value of all supplies made, including exempt supplies.

HM Revenue & Customs has published a table showing rates applicable to many business sectors. Some examples are:

Retail of food, newspapers, confectionery 2
Retail of vehicles or fuel 5.5
Photography 8.5
Estate agency 9.5
Hairdressing 10.5
Legal services 12
Computer and IT consultancy 11.5
The flat rate to be used depends on which trade sector most accurately reflects any particular business. If a business includes supplies in two or more sectors, the percentage to be used is that appropriate to the main business activity as measured by expected turnover in the year ahead.

If you are making supplies to other VAT registered businesses, you give them a VAT invoice charging VAT at the normal rate for the supply (not the flat rate percentage).

Most traders with qualifying turnover are eligible to join the scheme, but there are a number of exclusions designed to prevent abuse of the scheme as well as a few to avoid complex interaction with other schemes. The scheme is optional, but traders wishing to join should complete Form VAT 600 (FRS) (which can be printed off the HMRC website at

Friday, December 18, 2009


Bidroo's is a little bit different from your standard auction site. Here, it's not about how high you bid, but about how low. It's a reverse auction site offering you the opportunity to purchase a whole range of products and experiences starting from as little as 1p.


UNICEF is currently working in more than 90 countries around the world to improve water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities.

Please promise to help UNICEF protect children’s right to clean water.

By making your promise today, you’ll be helping children around the world have access to clean, safe water; keeping them healthy and well.

Your gift will be used specifically to support UNICEF’s essential child survival work, including our water and sanitations work.

Grants of Cornwall

Do you have any unwanted gold jewellery lying around? Perhaps you could do with a bit of extra cash but don't know how to go about calculating the weight and purity of your gold? With gold prices at record levels at the moment there has never been a better time to cash in your unwanted gold with Grants of Cornwall - we are able to offer you a fantastic price of up to £746 per ounce of unwanted gold*.

We provide and simple and quick service from start to finish for selling your gold. Our price of £746 is acheived by forward buying contracts to sell gold.

RH Hotels,

Welcome to eCar Insurance

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Sending flowers globally has never been easier than with iflorist, delivering flowers to over 140 countries. We also have an extensive range of wines, champagne, balloons, chocolates and hampers. Orders can be made and delivered within 4 hours from our network of over 1800 UK florists, and with over 300 funeral and sympathy tributes our specialist floral service is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Average transaction values of over £40 and the highest visitor conversion of any florist site ensure healthy commissions from our extremely competitive and easy to use gifting website.
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